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Peeled garlic will be produced both manually and also using machineries for peeling. Garlic crop production is mainly found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarath. Rajasthan alone contributes over 50% of the total output in India. Karnataka also produces small quantity of garlic with below 1% share in output. Prices of garlic will be linked with crop output and supply prospects. or Way2Foods supply mushroom to households, HORECA customers and other users or buyers whether it is in bulk or small quantities also with other vegetables and food products.

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Garlic is most commonly used spices in India for preparation various food items. Garlic is effective for heart and blood systems. Garlic leads to overall protection for heart with reduced cholesterol and lowered blood pressure. Garlic will be good to control cold, flue and most of other kinds of body illness. Different forms of garlic usage included: raw garlic, peeled garlic, garlic powder, garlic oil etc. Garlic will be on demand both in the raw form and also in the peeled form. Peeled garlic will be mainly demanded by the cooks in HORECA segment as it reduces cocking time.