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Lemon or lime prices will rule higher during summer as its usage will be higher and supply will also be limited. Lemon is being normally traded in about 30 kgs bags at wholesale centres and in kgsor in numbers at retail centres. or Way2Foods supply lemon to households, HORECA customers and other users or buyers including for functions whether it is in bulk or small quantities also with other vegetables and food products.

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Lemon or lime, which is citrus fruit will be used in food preparation and also in making juice besides for preparation of medicine, skin care etc. Lemon is one of the best source for vitamin C and consumed significantly during summer season in the form of juice. Lemon cultivation is centred mainly in Bijapur. Bijapur lemon is known for quality and its longevity. Major source for lemon for Bengaluru market are: Bijapar and also selected growing regions in Andhra Pradesh.