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Onion is one of the primary item used regularly in every kitchen in India both for culinary and table purpose. Onion is a good sources of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and folate. Nasik belt in Maharashtra is known for Onion in India with higher output during Rabi season. Onion is mainly grown in Kharif season in Karnataka in northern parts including Central Karnataka districts like Chitradurga. Primary markets for onion in India are Nasik, Hubballi, Belgaum etc.

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India exports and also imports onion based on its availability in the domestic market and crop supply season & its status. Onion prices in India is mainly linked with Rabi crop supply from Maharashtra, which can be stored for long duration compared with local Kharif output. Way2Foods supply both local and Nasik region onion to households, HORECA customers and other users or byers whether it is in bulk or small quantities also with other vegetables and food products.